Offaly Gearbox Ltd. Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland Tel: 857640814

Our service

Our service is professional, based on the highest international standards. We are providing a unique service based on exceptional skill in the diagnostics and repair of defective gear boxes. Our company is Ireland's only service of repairs/recondition and adjustment of Gear Boxes of Cars, Vans and Light Commercial by using an innovative Program "Mobile Garage" at Customer location.

We are mobile and focused on getting to the customer in a timely manner that is not on offer in the market place at present.

Our primary service is the repair/recondition and adjustment of Gear Boxes of:
- Cars,
- Vans,
- Light Commercial,

using our unique approach to work and quick response to customer needs.

In addition we provide complementary services in:
a) Repair and tuning of sports cars.
b) Repairs of Rear and Front Differencial
c) Repairs GearBoxes of Vintage Cars
d) Repairs GearBoxes of Motor Bikes